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AVYE is our family team name created by the first letters of our names. Using these four letters we had the following options.

EVAY. Nah.. it reminds a lot Ebay

AVEY. It sounds nice, but then we noticed its meaning according to urban dictionary “one who tries to be too cool for himself, asks out girls who are way out of his league, thinks he is a pimp and or baller. Substitute for words such as dick, douche, asshole, etc.”. It looked promising but we decided against it.

Finally we came up with AVYE. Avye is a female name of Arabic origin and it means “keeper of the gate”. It was the most appropriate for the use we wanted.

We love games and to a different degree outdoor activities and geocaching. We decided to combine some of our interests and invite also you to take part through this webpage.

Fish21.org was an old web page available to us that was used only for a small period, so we decided to reactivate it. We hope that you will find something interesting and become a part of it.